ATALAY ENGINEERING LTD. Which started to operate in the energy sector with the production of heat Exchanger about 30 years ago. Sti. expanding its fields of activity over time; At the moment, it operates with 27 qualified energy and manufacturing staff, qualified personnel and technical staff, mainly in ventilation duct manufacturing, central system air conditioning, cooling systems and natural gas branches in eastern and southeastern provinces.

We provide service by entering into a new formation with self-organized team in order to bring solutions to the insolvencies with engineering logic in the activity areas in the region.

Atalay Engineering is also engaged in east and south-east Anatolian region dealers of sector-oriented companies. MERTES ENGINEERING LTD. under the same roof for the periodical maintenance after the operation with our staff trained to complete the complicated service of the work. Şti.firmasını by installing the service network in the field of mechanical installation has completed institutionalization.


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Bölgedeki faaliyet alanlarında çözümsüzlüklere mühendislik mantığı ile çözüm getirmek amacıyla kendi içinde organize olmuş ekiplerle yeni bir oluşum içine girerek hizmet vermekteyiz. Atalay Mühendislik aynı zamanda konusu ile ilgili, sektöre yön veren firmaların doğu ve güneydoğu Anadolu bölge bayiliğini yapmaktadır.

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